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Trusted advisors helping you retire with confidence

We utilize our process, CORE360, to help our clients answer difficult questions pertaining to their wealth.

CORE 360

Retirement Planning

     Investment Planning

Tax Strategies

   Risk Management and Insurance

  Budgeting and Cash Flow Analysis

    Education Planning

    Business Succession

   Trust and Estate Planning

    Executive Compensation

    Charitable Giving



Our knowledge and insight into the stock market enables us to craft an investment portfolio uniquely tailored to you. Through ongoing collaboration and monitoring, our team is able to discover new avenues for you to invest your wealth and accomplish your goals. In addition to managing your investments, we’ll educate you on the rationale behind each investment decision so you’re well-versed in the logic of our approach.  

When you work with us, we will:

Identify Your Short- and Long-Term Objectives
As these objectives change, we’ll strategically adjust our approach according to the current state of the market so you continue to generate returns. 

Determine Your Optimal Risk Tolerance
Through a series of questions, we’ll pinpoint the amount of risk needed for you to achieve your goals and remain confident in our services. 

Follow a Timeline That’s Right For You
After outlining your objectives, we’ll design a strategy that aligns with your optimal timeline for achieving your returns.  

Whether you’re five years away from retirement or 20 years away from retirement, we’ll help guide you through the steps necessary to secure enough assets for your optimal retirement lifestyle. After evaluating your current financial situation, we’ll identify the income sources and opportunities that are most advantageous for you as you prepare for your life past employment. 

Our retirement planning services involve:

Your investment strategy and ensuring you’re investing your wealth in the stocks that best align with your objectives.

Your spending habits so you continuously make decisions that benefit your broader financial picture. 

Potential income streams and ways you can continue to contribute to your nest egg while still securing the basic necessities.

You don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them. While it’s hard to imagine anyone intentionally paying too much in taxes, the IRS estimates that more than one billion dollars is overpaid in taxes each year. That’s no surprise when tax laws change every year—even in years when no major tax legislation is enacted.

How much of that money is yours? Wouldn’t you rather see those funds in your bank account or put aside for your retirement or other financial goals?

Do you want to find out how you can reduce your tax burden?

You might be able to save on taxes by:

  • Restructuring your investment portfolio to produce a higher after-tax return
  • Shifting income to dependents in a lower tax bracket
  • Claiming appropriate home office deductions
  • Maximizing qualified plan and IRA contributions
  • Identifying all the deductions that apply to your small business

If you’re like most people, your taxes represent one of your largest annual expenses, yet often little or no planning is done to minimize your tax bill. Careful tax preparation and planning can free up money that you can use to achieve your goals. 

Wealth Management

Down-to-earth conversations

We are an independent firm without the restrictions of a major corporation.  We place our client's best interests before our own, offering meaningful advice through in-depth planning. Our hope is to help our clients live their financial lives in harmony with what they value most.

Tom Price Photo

Tom Price

Certified Wealth Strategist
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Thomas is one of the original principals of Hungerford Financial, LLC which was started in 2009.  He has been in the Financial Planning field for over 25 years. He received his bachelor degree in Finance from Ferris State University in 1988 and his MBA from Western Michigan University in 1991. Thomas has the following designations that provide him with the education and knowledge related to Financial Planning:

Certified Wealth Strategist® (CWS®) – July 2007

To obtain the CWS® certification, one must go through a comprehensive blended approach to learning.  The program education and designations are administered by Cannon Financial Institute, in which the CWS® Board of Standards awards to individuals who successfully complete initial and ongoing certifications requirements.

Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) – May 2009

The CRC® certification is obtained through an independent study program that covers Fundamentals of Retirement Planning, Fundamentals of Investments, Fundamentals of Retirement Plan Design and Fundamentals of Retirement Income Planning. The International Foundation for Retirement Education administrates the designation and is certified by Texas Tech University.

Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst™ (AIFA®) - December 2011

The AIFA designation certifies that the recipient has advanced knowledge of fiduciary standards of care, their application to the investment management process, and procedures for assessing conformance by third parties to fiduciary standards.  The certification is administered by the Center for Fiduciary Studies, LLC (a Fiduciary360 (fi360) company).


As a Financial Planner, Thomas covers a broad range of topics and planning issues. He utilizes a very disciplined and holistic approach to the planning process.  Some of the key comprehensive issues that are addressed is Investment Management, Risk Management, Reviewing Banking and Credit management, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, and Philanthropic strategies.

Thomas is married and has three children. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, and tennis. He has taught at Davenport University in the Finance Department. His specialty classes of teaching are the six core courses needed to sit for Certified Financial Planning designation (CFP).

Connor Price Photo

Connor Price

Portfolio Manager
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Connor joined Hungerford Financial in 2020 as our portfolio manager. He brings with him corporate finance and small business accounting experience as well as tax and college planning expertise.  Connor is currently a CFA level 2 candidate.  

Lynette Rogell Photo

Lynette Rogell

Administrative Assistant
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Lynette joined Hungerford Financial in 2019.  She brings with her a plethora of administrative knowledge.  Outside of her administrative duties, she is also involved in marketing and compliance for Hungerford Financial.

She has great love for the outdoors (with the exception of mosquitoes), hiking, her family, and animals. 

What To Expect?


We have decades of experience and our credentials showcase our commitment to knowledge in the industry. Our qualifications include MBA, CWS®, CRC®, AIFA®, CRPC®.

You will know exactly what you are paying and how we work. We do not want surprises.  Details count.

We are independent for a reason; we want what's best for every client and understand the value in providing tailored service and solutions.  Our independence allows us to provide the best guidance possible.


We begin with a simple conversation to see if there is a fit between what we do and what you are looking for. If it makes sense for both sides to move forward, we utilize a checklist to aid in the process of gathering financial documents, as these documents are the catalyst of the planning we will complete together.  

We will brainstorm ideas and discuss implementation as we conclude initial planning sessions.  As we move forward, expect to speak with us 2-3 times per year, either virtually or in person as we monitor investments and continue to complete various planning items.